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This website was created after realizing the need for more easily accessible online recreational trail info in Montana. We saw the need when we were searching for trails near us, but could only find a handful. It didn’t make sense seeing these large forests surrounding us. We knew there must be more trails than we were finding online.

We are mapping these hiking trails using a combination of tools such as Google satellite imagery, GPS, and trail tracking software to estimate mileage before setting out on our adventures. After each visit, we will upload trail details on mileage, elevation gain, trailhead coordinates, and a quick description of each adventure. Explore our hiking trail map.

Most of the trails listed here will be closer to Butte as that’s where our basecamp is located. We anticipate the longer we live in Montana, the more trails we can scout out for you!

We hope you find this website helpful in finding your next hike. If you have any questions or inquiries about the information we provide or would like to get involved — please contact us.

— Happy trails!

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