Browns Lake, Lake Agnes, Rainbow Lake Loop

  • Miles
    9.3 Round Trip
  • Elevation Gain
  • Difficulty Level
  • Trailhead Coordinates
    45.528679, -112.818312

Trail Description

The Browns Lake, Lake Agnes, Rainbow Lake Loop trail located in the Pioneer Mountains briefly starts out with a moderate incline. Not too long into the hike, the trail turns into a rather steep ascent to Lake Anges. A popular fishing spot – we continued onto Rainbow Lake which gains a little more elevation. You hike along a ridge until splitting off down through some wetlands and then onto Rainbow Lake. Afterwards the trail heads towards Willow Creek Road. The road ends, and you follow the trail down the mountainside passing several brooks. This trail can be hard to follow sometimes – it did not seem like a popular trail to take. You will eventually come out on Rock Creek Road and follow it down (South East) to the parking lot at Browns Lake. Rock Creek Road is cool because it is right at the base of a rock slide that continues rather steeply down into Browns Lake.