Grouse Lakes

Trail Details

7 Round Trip

Elevation Gain

Difficulty Level

Trailhead Coordinates
45.683631, -113.072763
* Google maps does not give accurate directions – do not rely on them! Reference these coordinates while looking at a road map.

Trail Description

Grouse Lakes in the Pioneer Mountains are a great opportunity for having a solitude hiking experience. We believe this trail to be less traveled due to the number of downed trees in the trail, so be prepared to hop over many trees. The first part of the trail was a little difficult for us to find. We didn’t see any signs and a fresh 2-3″ of snow didn’t make it any easier for us. When you are at the coordinates, you will immediately see a few cabins to the right, stay to the left of them. We followed a very vague old road for .1 mile before turning right where we hit a sign and found the trail. You will immediately gain a significant amount of elevation in the first .75 miles with a great view at the top of the surrounding mountains. After that, you hike through lodgepole forests and criss-cross grouse creek at least 5 times. The trail flattens out just at the end where you reach the first lake. There is another lake above the first which we didn’t continue to. We believe the best way to access the second is by hiking to the right of the first lake. There may be a trail, but with the fresh snow we encountered, we didn’t find one.