Humbug Spires Trail

Trail Details

3 Round Trip for a short hike.

9 Round Trip for a longer hike which follows to the end of the trail.

Elevation Gain
216ft for the 3-mile hike.

1726ft for the 9-mile hike.

Difficulty Level
Easy for the short 3-mile version.

Moderate for the 9-mile version.

Trailhead Coordinates
45.743090, -112.670748
* Google maps does not give accurate directions – do not rely on them! Reference these coordinates while looking at a road map.

Trail Description

Hiking through the Humbug Spires presents you with a unique experience to hike through Southwest Montana’s Boulder Batholith. The trail starts out at Moose Creek Trailhead following Moose Creek for about a 1.25 miles. You will see some of the spires and this section ends at seemingly a wall of rock spires before turning right. Stop here for the 3-mile round trip hike. If you want to continue for the 9-mile hike, keep following the trail. The trail picks up quite a bit of elevation from here on to the end of the trail. You hike past this spire wall after about .75 miles. Then you follow an unnamed creek a majority of the rest of the way. You will see quite a few impressive spires on this section following the unnamed creek. Towards the end, you will reach an old cabin. The trail does continue past this cabin – though when we hiked it in winter, it was impossible to find. If you do continue past the cabin, there are some great views! We followed up the creek further until we split off to the left hiking up a very steep hillside to these coordinates 45.782309, -112.639554. At these coordinates, we could see quite a few spires, though it isn’t a very open view due to the trees. This area is known for rock climbing, which is how you would have better views of the spires protruding sporadically through the forest. We saw fresh moose tracks and followed coyote tracks up the whole way!