Lion and Grayling Lakes

Trail Details

11 Round Trip

Elevation Gain

Difficulty Level

Trailhead Coordinates
45.627365, -112.937827
* Google maps does not give accurate directions – do not rely on them! Reference these coordinates while looking at a road map.

Trail Description

Lion and Grayling Lakes in the Pioneer Mountains is a great hike with fantastic views. The trail starts crossing Canyon Creek and following it for about 1.5 miles before reaching an intersection. One way goes to Lion and Grayling Lakes, the other goes to Crescent Lake, Lake Abundance, and Canyon Lake. Stay on the same side of the river and continue following the trail South towards Lion and Grayling. The trail is flat for most of the hike passing through varying forests and fields. After about 1.5-2 miles the trail crosses Lion Creek and you begin gaining elevation. The section of the trail up to the lakes from the valley floor is very switchbacked – making the elevation gain nothing too strenuous. You ascend for 1.5 miles before reaching the first lake, Grayling. Lion Lake is extremely close to Grayling, and only about 1000ft distance in-between. Lion Lake is truly fantastic view-wise, and we would highly suggest walking to the other end with the cliffs to take in the varying views and sandy beaches.

We also saw a lake named Vera on the map. Our GPS listed a trail to it, but there is no obvious trail. The last shot in the picture slide show is of Vera – the lowest and smallest out of the lakes.