Welcome: A New Recreational Website to Help You Find More Trails in your Montana Backyard


This website was started after realizing our surrounding forests didn’t have much in terms of trail information online. We wanted to give you a resource that helps you find nearby trails. We’re hoping to collect as much information as we can by hiking to a new area each weekend (as weather permits!). For every new exploration, we photograph our findings and keep a GPS on us to track us while we hike. Once we get home we edit the pictures, write a brief description, and relay the trail details from the GPS.

How We Find Our Trails

Our trails are found through a combination of what bits and pieces we can gather online from small personal blogs, forums, Google Maps satellite view, GPS Software, onXmaps, and any available maps such as US Forest Service maps. We naturally enjoy finding new places this way – so we figured we might as well document and share our findings.

Use Our Explore Page to Find Trails Near You

Our explore page is the primary feature of our site. We’re hoping the interactive map will be straightforward in helping you find trails in your own backyard. We know a lot of everyone’s experiences are subjective depending on how experienced they are as a hiker. We do have a ‘Difficulty Level’ filter which is the only subjective piece to this feature. Our personal hiking levels are fairly experienced. We have experience and knowledge of backpacking, strenuous day hikes, and know the necessary gear for each adventure. I’m hoping you will have enough experience on your own to acknowledge the mileage and elevation gain to know how you would rate each hike.

If you have any suggestions for improving the map feature, please contact us.

Why We Don’t Geotag on Social Media

Social media has had a huge impact on outdoor locations. Though our website is aimed at finding you trails, we do not want personal favorite places to become bombarded with people who do not respect the location. Therefore, we will not geotag any of these locations through social media. The closest we will tag is the entire forest that encompasses the location.

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